high-voltage cable systems

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  • The possibility of manufacturing
    conductors section
    up to 2500 mm2

  • Production of very long factory
    lengths per drum with flanges
    up to 4000 mm in diameter

  • full control of the quality
    of each cable length

  • Development of integrated solutions
    for our customers

  • Equipment world’s leading manufacturers

  • Holding training sessions
    for construction and installation companies

  • Production of the TATCABLE Plant
    It has a quality certificate

  • The test center


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Message from the Director

Viktor Miller

 Dear colleagues and partners!

My name is Viktor Miller, and I am the Director of TATCABLE Plant. 

The history of TATCABLE numbers 6 years. We have covered quite a long development path from the premises construction, production engineering to realization of turn-key high-voltage. Today TATCABLE is the one of the largest manufacturers of cable products for 110-330 kV in the territory of the Russian Federation. Over 80 high-voltage objects were implemented and are in the implementation phase with the cable nearly 1100 km in length. 

Our products are used in such major facilities as:

  • XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi
  • XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan
  • Power supply of the city of Moscow
  • Power supply of the city of Saint Petersburg
  • At the facilities of JSC TATNEFT
  • At the facilities of JSC TANECO
  • At the facilities of JSC JSC Gazpromneft-MNPZ (Moscow Oil Refinery Plant)
  • At the facilities of SEZ ALABUGA etc.

Today TATCABLE Plant is:

  1. Production of cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation for up to 330 kV
  2. Output of cabling and wiring products with current-carrying conductor cross-section up to 2500 sq.mm.
  3. Nomenclature of output cable products accounting for more than 17000 label sizes
  4. Comprehensive solutions for customers
  5. Own accredited test centre supplying services to outside companies

At our work we focus on international experience widely recognized at the market as well as our own developments and solutions. The plant consists of two Design Technology Bureaus responsible for the development of cable products for low and medium voltage (1-35 kV), high and extrahigh voltage (110 kV and higher), including development of copyrighted unique solutions.

TATCABLE Plant has its own laboratory which allows for making measurements and testing for compliance with specification requirements as well as for carrying out acceptance test of delivered raw materials. In the process of routine test every factory length of cable manufactured by the plant undergoes 100-per-cent-check.