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XLPE insulation power cable with steel zinc-plated support strand PE-sheathed XLPEpower cable with steel zinc-plated support strand

aluminum, multi-wire, compacted, round-shape, conforming to Class 2 as per GOST 22483, sealed with water-blocking yarns and tapes

made of electrically conductive XLPE

made of XLPE

made of electrically conductive XLPE

semi-conductive water-blocking tape lapping

aluminum polymer tape protecting cable against moisture penetration in lateral direction as well

weather-proof high-density PE

twisted of steel zinc-plated wires, sealed with water-blocking yarns

weather-proof high-density PE

three phase conductors (items 1-7) are twisted with each other and support strand (items 8-9), making finished cable

For overhead lines of all the macroclimatic areas except for extreme cold climate as well as for in ground lines (traceways) incl. corrosive soils, in water in areas of moderate and cold climate providing cable protection against mechanical damages is ensured.

Cable provides the possibility of overhead line to transform to in ground or submarine line without any couplers. Cable may be installed on one support with other power lines as well as with radio conductors and phonelines. Taking into account all the benefits, cable application may be reasonable in the following cases:

- in areas with increased ice-slick formation; single cable ice-load acting on supports is almost three times lower than from three uninsulated wires (AC type), as ice-load dependence on wire diameter is too low

- for construction sites power supplying

- in areas with rocky soil, where trenching is costly

- in forest regions where broad clearing for overhead lines with uninsulated wires is impossible according to any conditions

(landscape preservation, avalanche hazard in mountainous area and so on)

- in heavily polluted areas with industrial plants or near sea-coasts where overhead lines’ insulators contamination leads to frequent flashover and increased service costs

- in small residential areas where rapid load increasing makes it necessary to switchover to higher voltage

- in rebuilding residential areas where permanent in ground cable line can’t be installed

- in forest regions, where overhead lines with uninsulated wires are fire dangerous in the case of broken wire

Climatic category

- any climate, placement category -1, 2, 3 and 5 – for overhead installation

- placement category 1 and 2 – incl. in ground and submarine cable lines

Operating temperature range – from -60°С to +50°С

Cable lying down and installation without preheating shall be performed at temperature not lower than -20°С

Nominal AC voltage frequency is 50 Hz

Continuous temperature of cable conductor heating is 90°С

Limiting cable conductor temperature at multi-phase SC with max duration 5 s is 130°С

Cable conductor allowable heating during overload (total 125 hours per year, but no more than 8 hour per day) is no more than 130°С

Guarantee service life is 5 years

Cable service life is 30 years providing transport, storage, installation (cabling) and operation conditions are fulfilled by user