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Halogen-free polymer compound insulated and sheathed, fire-proofed, screened power cables with copper cores

copper, single- or multi-wire, round or sectoral shape, conforming to Class 1 or 2 as per GOST 22483

lapping of two micaceous tapes

halogen-free polymer compound

Insulated cores of multicore cables have distinguishing color

Neutral cores insulation is blue

Grounding core insulation is two-color (yellow and green)

twisted insulated cores of two-, three-, four- and five-core cables. All the cable's cores shall be of the same cross-section. In four-core cables one core (grounding or neutral) of smaller cross-section is allowed

halogen-free polymer compound

В виде обмотки стеклолентой.

copper tape or copper wires lapping

halogen-free polymer compound

- for electrical energy transmission and distribution in stationary installations with rated voltage 0.66 and 1kV AC, up to 100 Hz

- for electric wirings of fire protection systems (fire alarm system's circuits, fire-water pump's supply circuit, fire escape lightening, circuits of smoke exhaust system and forced ventilation, evacuation lift)

- for electrical wirings of hospitals' surgery unit, circuits of emergency power supply and power supplying of equipment (load using equipment) used at fire. Cables are designed for bunched wiring

Cables climatic category is W, placement category 5 as per GOST 15150-69

Operating temperature range from -50°С to +50°С

Ambient relative humidity at +35°С up to 98%

Cable lying down and installation without preheating shall be performed at temperature not lower than -15°С

Min installation bending radius:

- for single-core cables – 10 times of cable OD

- for multi-core cables – up to 7.5 times of cable OD

Max allowable forces developed during cable pulling along the path 50 N/mm2

Continuous temperature of cable conductor heating during operation is +70°С

Cable conductor allowable heating during overload is no more than +90°С

Limiting cable conductor temperature at short-circuit (max duration is 5 s) is +160°С

Smoke released in test chamber during cables burning and smouldering does not decrease light permeability more than 40%

Cable flame-resistance - is the ability to function during and after flame source application during 180 minutes

Guarantee service life is 5 years (since cable commissioning)

Service life is at least 30 years